Trace A Person

We can trace a person’s whereabouts and address anywhere in the UK or abroad with a 98% success rate.

Our People Tracing Services are:

  1. Professional – We will provide a thorough level of information on your person of interest
  2. Quick – Traces usually take less than 2 days
  3. Discreet – We will not leave evidence that you have been searching for someone

We will deliver Facts and Clarity.

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Who Are You Looking For?

Owed Money?

  • Has a business partner run off with assets leaving you with the bills?
  • Find a debtor that has disappeared.
  • Has a tradesman or business has left you with sub-standard work?
  • They may now be trading under a different name.
  • Has an employee stolen from you?
  • Find the perpritrators of fraud.

Ex Spouse abandoned you?

  • Are they not letting you see your child or know their whereabouts?
  • Find them to get them to sign divorce papers.

Are you Adopted?

  • Find your biological parents.

Solicitors who want to find beneficiaries of an estate

Trace lost relatives or family members

Find an old friend

How To Get In Contact

Phone Us

  • Discuss your case and the appropriate investigation methods
  • Discuss costs and time frame
  • Ask questions

Email Us

  • Discuss your case in detail
  • Ask for opinions on any evidence that you can provide
  • Discuss costs and time frame
  • Ask questions

Send Us A Text

  • Don’t want to be overheard?
  • Just Ask a quick question
  • Arrange a call-back or a meeting

What Kind Of Data Can A Person Trace Provide?


Usually you will get an address and a phone number as well as some history of the individual’s movements over time.

We can also look into asset and volume tracing if the person was a debtor. This way they will not be able to hide assets which you want to claim against.

An advantage of hiring a Private Detective for a trace, is that we can provide additional services such as surveillance.

What Information Do You Need To Perform A Person Trace?

We can find people with as little starting information as their full name, however this will increase the time needed to remove the false leads if that is all that you have.

Preferably we would want birth date and last known address if possible. A picture can be very helpful especially if surveillance is required.

Any more information you have will speed up the process, even if it seems like it would not be relevant at first. The smallest detail can make the biggest difference.

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How Would A Private Investigator Trace A Person?

Everyone in the world leaves evidence of where they have been. This evidence can be accessed though a collection of various databases.

The key is to narrow down the number of options or hits that these databases give.

This is why additional information is so important, as the database searches may yield thousands of potential candidates and we need a way of trimming those options down to a manageable dataset.

It does require specific training and costs to access this data and generate results.

This is where it is another major advantage to hire a Private Investigator to find someone. We have the skillset and expertise to query data in a way that others would not think of. In essence, we know how to find people.

Is Hiring A Private Investigator To Trace An Individual Legal?

Yes, hiring a Private Investigator is perfectly legal although there are facets of people tracing that can land you in trouble if you were not careful.

Hiring an experienced agency will stop the risk to you of any legal issues resulting from investigating someone.

Any information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence to uphold your privacy.

We are GDPR compliant and registered with the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) and members of the World Association Of Professional Investigators (WAPI)