At Tectum Operations we pride ourselves on the range of services we offer and the professionalism our clients deserve when they need us the most. We understand that when you contact us requesting our services there is an uninvited situation in-hand, in the interest of relieving the stress and paranoia of the situation as soon as possible with dedicated and highly trained surveillance operatives.

Along with our more used services such as the infidelity, GPS tracking and Covert Surveillance services, Tectum Operation can put forward a range of bespoke services should you feel that your needs cover multiple areas we offer, as an example we find deploying Technical Surveillance (a GPS Tracker) allows us to gain intelligence of where your partner is meeting their mistress, at that known location we would then carry out Covert Surveillance to get the imagery needed to prove the infidelity. Carrying out an operation in this manner both raises the success rate of the operation and lowers the overall price! Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Translation Options


Tectum Operations has the luxary of an in-house translation service covering;

  • Russian
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish

This service is free and available on any operation you take out with Tectum Operations.

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Covert Surveillance

All the Tectum Operations Operatives are highly trained in covert surveillance and imagery. The operative assigned to your case will be aiming to gain the essential imagery while remaining covert.

Surveillance isn’t just gaining imagery, Tectum Operations can deploy a team (anywhere in the UK) to follow the employee who might be selling business secrets in a coffee shop, or a partner who is having a secret rendezvous in a hotel in a rural location.

Starting at £45 per hour


Safe Dating

New to internet dating and feel apprehensive someone might not be who they say they are? They might have additional motives to date you? Tectum Operations can carry out background check, ensure they work where they say they do and carry out surveillance on the person to ensure they aren’t any hidden surprises.

Catfishing is when someone pretends to be someone else, this is usually discovered on the day both parties meet, however, with Tectum Operations we can carry out in depth checks and surveillance to ensure the person you’ve been talking to on-line is exactly who they are.

Starting at £45


GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is both simple and effective; giving the Tectum Operations operative a hive of valuable information on which we can build a future surveillance operation.

GPS tracking is the basis for any good surveillance operation and always tends to give information to the client, even if it’s to reduce paranoia – so you can put your mind at ease when you find that your partner is actually going to the gym at night.

Starting At £150


Insurance Investigation

Tectum Operations can gain the all-important footage that can be used to prove or disprove fraudulent claims. All agents at Tecum Operations have the covert capability required to get as close as possible to the subject.


Missing persons

Sometimes people do not wish to be found for a manner of reasons, Tectum Operations will understand if legally you can pursue a missing person as well as how to find that missing person. This service can be applied to missing persons and asset location.

Price On Application


Cheating Partner?


Has your partner started acting differently? Is your partner being secretive with their phone or where they are going? Get in touch to discuss your options and get the clarity you deserve.

Starting at £45 per hour


Counter Surveillance

You ever have a feeling that someone is getting the information out of your office before you have adjourned the business meeting? You think that maybe someone has been following you and you do not know what to do? Tectum Operations can help, get in touch.


If you feel that someone around you is eavesdropping, snooping, has bugged your office or has access to your communications please exercise caution, you can do this by –

  • Contacting us via a cheap prepaid phone aka a burner phone
  • Set up a sterile email account and use that for communication with us
  • Do not call from the room/area you suspect is bugged
  • Do not tell anyone you are contacting Tectum Operations
  • Keep any information you deem sensitive to yourself
  • Do not tell anyone if you have suspicions, they may remove the device before our team can move it and complete a sweep

Price On application


Lie Detection

Coming Soon

Price On application