Order GPS Tracking Package

At Tectum Operations we pride ourselves on the range of services we offer and the professionalism our clients deserve when they need us the most. We understand that when you contact us requesting our services there is an uninvited situation in-hand, in the interest of relieving the stress and paranoia of the situation as soon as possible with dedicated and highly trained surveillance operatives.

Along with our more used services such as the infidelity, GPS tracking and Covert Surveillance services, Tectum Operation can put forward a range of bespoke services should you feel that your needs cover multiple areas we offer, as an example we find deploying Technical Surveillance (a GPS Tracker) allows us to gain intelligence of where your partner is meeting their mistress, at that known location we would then carry out Covert Surveillance to get the imagery needed to prove the infidelity. Carrying out an operation in this manner both raises the success rate of the operation and lowers the overall price! Contact us today to discuss your requirements.