Polygraph Testing

Polygraph Testing is a method of detecting lies or subterfuge by using a polygraph machine. A subject will be monitored for minute changes to things like heart rate, breathing or pupil dilation whilst being asked questions and their reactions can determine whether their answer is the truth or a lie.

Tectum offers professional private investigation services with advanced Polygraph Testing equipment and investigators who are experienced with both the equipment and the methods.

We can come to the location of your choosing and test subjects under rigorous conditions. With a Tectum expert we should be able to achieve an accuracy rate of between 90%-99% for questioning.

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Why Choose Tectum Operations?

  1.  £350 for a test with the best equipment on the market which includes facial mapping.
  2. Choose your location and setting in the UK within 30 minutes of where you live.
  3. We offer 6 curated questions rather than the industry standard 3.
  4. Choose express results and get your answers within an hour for an extra £50

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How Can You Tell If Someone Is Lying?

Some people are very practiced at lying or just naturally good. How many times can you think of where you have thought someone was telling you the truth only to later find out that you had been misled?

It has happened to everyone and it is nearly impossible for a human to consistently identify lying in another human.

If you withhold or alter information under questioning your body will change in subtle ways which are either hard or impossible for a human to detect but a polygraph system can.

When looking for signs of subterfuge we look for a “sympathetic nervous system” response. These include:

  • Electrical Activity on the Skin (Galvanic Skin Response)
    • Subtle electrical activity on the skin changes.
  • Skin Temperature
    • Lying will often cause your skin temperature to go down.
  • Breath Volume and Rate
    • Changes to the rate at which you breathe during a minute as well as how much oxygen you take in.
  • Pulse Rate
    • A change in how many beats per minute occur.
  • Blood Pressure
    • Changes in blood pressure.
  • Micro Changes in Facial Expression
    • There are 42 individual muscles in the face and everyone one of those can give signals as to what you are thinking.
test for galvanic skin response

What Changes Are You Looking For

  • You might think that pulse rate and blood pressure should go up and breathing become more shallow when a subject is lying. In practice subjects feel a range of emotions and thoughts depending on how the questions “trigger” the response.

In practice the subject can feel a range of thoughts and emotions including:

  • Rumination thoughts
  • Stress activation
  • Relax activation

The examiner will establish a base rate for the subject with initial control questions and each one of these thoughts or emotions will cause a change from that normal rate.

This is why having experienced polygraph examiners is paramount to establishing the truth.

Cutting Edge Tectum Tech

Tectum Private Investigations employ the most advanced polygraph testing equipment.

Our tech contains of 6 physiological sensors for measuring breathing, skin temperature and galvanic skin response, pulse and a 3D laser video camera to track facial movements.

What Can A Polygraph Test Be Used For?


Cheating Partner

Have you ever felt that you don’t fully trust your spouse or partner? Polygraph Testing could reveal potential infidelity.

Surveillance can tell you where they are or what they are doing but what if it is already too late for that?

You might want to know things that normal investigation cannot reveal such as motivations.

You may simply have nagging doubts, which everyone has from time to time. A polygraph test might finally give you peace of mind.

A test like this could be the first step to reveal whether further investigation could be worthwhile. If your partner is honest and innocent they might welcome the opportunity to put the matter behind you with greater evidence and clarity.

It is a UK legal requirement that the subject agrees to the testing and is not forced into it. If your partner does not agree to  testing then investigation or surveillance is probably your best option.

Family Disputes

Many families suffer long running disputes and ongoing disputes. The causes can range from rivalry, employment, finances, inheritance, child discipline to in-laws and your extended family.

If family members submitted to polygraph testing then their motivations and actions could be established with evidence. Long running disagreements could be put to bed and everyone could move on with their lives.

No more back and forth with accusations and counter accusations of lying or deception.

Employee Theft, Moonlighting or Misconduct

Does stock keep going missing over a period of time and you cannot explain why?

Maybe money is missing or has been lost on a bad decision made by one of your employees but you are suspicious?

Could one of your employees be working for a competitor in breach of contract or maybe sharing information despite a non-disclosure agreement?

If you are suspicious, Polygraph Testing would be the cheapest way to start before further investigation is required.

It could also be your only option if there is no other way of obtaining evidence especially in cases of sexual harassment or misconduct such as employees fighting or arguing.

Bear in mind that interviewing potential witnesses can give as much information as testing the potential guilty party directly and may point you in the right direction for your investigation.

Polygraph testing will not be admissible in UK courts for this matter so cannot be the only form of evidence for serious cases such as this. It should be part of a wider investigation with more concrete forms of evidence which can be provided by Tectum operatives.

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Employee Screening

Test new job applicants with greater depth and more faith in the honesty of their answers.

Do you require honesty and integrity within your area of business?

When hiring people to handle sensitive information for clients it may be prudent to put new applicants through a more rigorous testing process with background investigations.

If your business requires fidelity and you want to establish trust with your clients then why not advertise that your employees have been Polygraph Tested in an interview?

Interviewing new job applicants can be a difficult task. Applicants can potentially be dishonest on their CV or could simply be exaggerating their skillset.

Hiring a new employee that has embellished their CV is one thing and an employee that lies is a lot worse. Consider the possibility of an employee deliberately damaging your reputation or assets or sharing sensitive information.

Clear Your Own Name

You may have been accused of any of the subjects so far listed in this page or maybe something else.

Taking the initiative and submitting yourself to testing under rigid conditions could go a long way to proving your innocence to your family, partner or employer.

A Polygraph Test might be the only way to put long running disputes behind you. 

Evidence Of Sexual Abuse

A Polygraph Test can be used to add weight to the evidence behind a sexual abuse claim. Often in these cases there is very little evidence beyond the verbal claims of the accused and the victim.


Evaluating Prisoners For Parole

Lie detector tests are currently routinely used in the UK as a tool to evaluated whether prisoners should be paroled.

Can Two Or More Polygraph Tests Be Done At The Same Time?

Multiple lie detector tests can be performed on the same day, at the same location, although the accused and the accuser cannot witness each other’s tests. These will have to be performed in sequence with a break in between.

This is known as Comparative Testing.

Polygraph testing screen

Polygraphs and UK Law

Lie detector tests are legal under UK law as long as the person being tested is not forced or coerced into taking the test. The subject must explicitly submit to testing.

Are Polygraph Tests Used in UK Courts?

Polygraph Tests are not normally used in UK courts unless under specific circumstances and depending on the type of court. Lie detector tests are not allowed as evidence in a criminal court.

In civil court or tribunals a test could be used to add weight or support other evidence rather than being considered evidence in their own right. It will be up to the judge or magistrate whether the test will admissible and this will usually depend on the specifics of the case and other evidence available.