Matrimonial Surveillance

Cheating Partner?


Do you think your partner could be having an ongoing affair? Everyone has had doubts at some point in their relationship but they should not last long.

The question you need to ask yourself is: “Should I have to live with the doubt?”

Extra marital affairs are common and there are hundreds of ways your partner could be hiding the truth from you. You may be getting lied to or gaslighted or on the other hand it could be nothing.

They could have been unfaithful before and you just have nagging doubts.

Many people can feel like they are losing their minds in these situations and don’t know where to turn. Matrimonial Surveillance could be your path to peace of mind.


You deserve the facts and the clarity.

cheating partners under marital surveillance

GPS tracking

Your target will be tracked using cutting edge Global Positioning System devices. These can be deployed when there is an opportunity and without the subject knowing.

You can have personal or vehicle tracking and Tectum has specific devices for each.

The subject can be tracked in real time. You will be able to see with your own eyes where they are going.

Video and Photographic Evidence

With close video and photographic surveillance we can provide you with the facts and the clarity that you need.

Our imaging technology is state of the art so that we can provide you with the highest clarity images and film which it will be difficult to refute.

Our matrimonial surveillance evidence will stand up in court should it lead to divorce proceedings.


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Polygraph Testing

If your partner agrees to be involved in the process then we can employ lie detection technology.

Our polygraph testing platform is one of the best in the country.

This could uncover suggestions of previous affairs or give evidence where tracking and surveillance could not.

Your partner may wish to take the test to allay your fears and prove themselves to you.

To visit our Polygraph Testing page click here

The Matrimonial Surveillance Process

If you do decide to engage private investigation then we can offer the following services: 

Online Markers

We can check online activities. This could be site history or social media activity. There is often either evidence or markers present when a subject is cheating.

Asset Purchasing

Checking to see if your partner has made any large purchases recently of which you were not aware. 

Background Checks

Are they divorced? Have they lived where they say they have? Any criminal background?

Detailed Reports

You will be given a detailed report of our findings which could potentially be used as evidence of adultery in court.

Do you think your partner could be having an affair? Take our test.

This test will walk you through the thought processes that you need to go through to help tell if you are being paranoid or whether you should be suspicious.

Tectum Surveillance Operatives Will Remain Covert and Discreet

Our matrimonial investigators are well trained and experienced on how to keep a target under surveillance whilst remaining undetected.

Utilising technology and stealth we can maintain safe distances from our subjects whilst still being able to gather evidence.



We Understand That Infidelity Can Be A Very Sensitive Subject

We understand that contacting a private investigator for matrimonial investigations can be a scary step. If your suspicions should be correct then you do not want to alert your unfaithful partner to you hiring a private investigator. However, if your suspicions were unfounded then you could potentially cause harm if they found out.

Please understand that you are not alone. We have dealt with thousands of cases like these even though each one is unique. We will be sensitive to your situation even if we have to deliver bad news to you.

You will be assigned a case operative who will manage your matrimonial surveillance. You will get to speak to a real person who will be your contact throughout this process.

Above all, we want to make sure that you no longer have to live with suspicion and doubt and that you can move on from this time with peace of mind.


You Can Speak To Us In Complete Privacy

We will maintain 100% privacy and discretion with your case at all times. We are GDPR compliant and we are I.C.O. registered.

Our operatives are trained private detectives with years of experience. We fully understand the importance of being discreet.