Is a private investigator right for me? 


The choice is often difficult to know if you need a private investigator……..  until you’ve spoken to us! After a simple phone call (some clients prefer messaging) we can decide what service is ideal for you, as well as ensuring we are working legally and lawfully.  

    Very few people understand what a P.I (or team of operatives) can achieve through constructive and targeted surveillance, there is a long list of techniques and methods which we can utilize in the ever-changing environment which can give us the edge to find the facts and get the clarity of your situation.  

   We often get asked about certain ‘spy gadgets’ and ‘questionable techniques’ to gain imagery, this is understandable as most people only ever have a Hollywood-ised image of private investigators, sliding down a rope from a helicopter onto a skyscraper with a Freda hat, or plugging a phone into a laptop and downloading all the content onto a USB stick before hot tailing it out of a country manor house in a roar of a British super car……  

   This glamourized image of the industry can leave you asking ‘‘how do you do it then?’’, the answer comes from the backing of the operatives used on your case. All the operators/private investigators at Tectum Operations have undergone a rigours training course certified by SFJ (Schools For Justice) as a minimum, with most operators holding significant previous experience in either the police or the military.  

   Here at Tectum Operations, we have a range of specialists at our disposal including an Ethical Hacker to test your internet security, Trace Checkers to find those missing people who want to remain missing and soon a lie detector operative! We work closely with other private investigators and surveillance firms to assist on their operations, this opens a significant number of options on how we can deliver to corporate clients through-out England, Wales and Scotland! 


Get in contact today and learn how we can help you!