Insurance Surveillance

Do you suspect an insurance claimant of faking an illness or exaggerating injuries?

Do you want to check whether assets being claimed against have really been stolen?

Is someone making a very high value insurance claim and you simply want to perform due diligence?


Tectum Private Investigators Can Investigate Your Claimant

Potentially False Injury or Illness Claims

Our agents can track and observe the subject and record any evidence which can potentially prove or disprove an illness or injury claim.

Tracking can be performed through discreet GPS devices which can be planted on a person or vehicle. Mobile surveillance can be employed to observe the claimant as they go about their daily routine or trips. This is where injury and illness will limit their abilities if it is genuine.

Social media profiles can be observed for evidence of health and mobility, and proof can be gathered.

There are a range of secret recording devices that we can use to deliver photographic or video evidence which are virtually impossible to spot.


Damage to Property, Vehicles or Assets

Tectum operatives are experienced in spotting the types of tricks that fraudsters will employ.

For instance road accidents can be an area where claimants might exaggerate their injures or damage to their vehicle in order to gain a larger insurance pay-out.

In some cases people will engineer accidents entirely for a claim. This is especially true if the vehicle has little resale value.

Our agents will inspect damage to property, possessions or vehicles for signs of alteration or deception.

We can interview witnesses to ensure that their version of events corroborates with that of the subjects.

We can obtain CCTV footage from local businesses to evidence the claim if that is available.


Suspicious History

We can perform professional and detailed background analysis on a subject.

If someone is committing fraud then there is a significant chance that they have done this before. A background check will reveal this along with any criminal history or changes of name.

Asset checks can be performed to show up if the subject has potentially gained in the past and obtained them through fraudulent means.


Deterring Fraud

Knowing that an insurance company employs an investigator will be an effective deterrent to the majority of con-artists who are usually looking for soft targets.

Employing a Private Investigator and publicising the work will act as that deterrent.

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The Subject Will Not Know That They Are Being Investigated

Tectum operatives are well trained and experienced in keeping subjects under surveillance whilst not being seen. This is why hiring a private investigation company is prudent as we are the only publicly hireable professionals who specialise in covert surveillance.

Our tracking technology is extremely unlikely to be discovered due to its design and our deployment methods.



Tectum Operations is:

  • GDPR compliant
  • A member of “The Private Investigators Network”
  • A member of WAPI

Your data will remain 100% confidential at all times



Evidence Provided Will Stand Up In Court Or An Employment Tribunal

Our technology is the best on the market. This allows us to track our targets legally and provide detailed evidence.

The images will need to be sharp enough to identify subjects and movements will need to be captured in the case of injury claims.