The Rendezvous.

‘Rendezvous’ in the dictionary is described as, an arranged meeting at an agreed location at an agreed time. Simple really, with no twists or connotations of wrongdoing, right? Wrong!

In the private investigation and surveillance industry the word rendezvous comes up very often and is abbreviated down to RV, as an example, one agent could ask another agent to RV with them at a location to discuss findings. The sinister side of the word Rendezvous comes when you consider the arrangement of a time and place in secret; a secret rendezvous, an intermate rendezvous or even an under-handed business rendezvous.

The private investigator(s) on your case will take in every bit of information available to them to understand the best course of action to carry out targeted surveillance. Targeted surveillance can then take place where the regular secret rendezvous will be taking place and the private investigator can gain the imagery.

Secret rendezvous are not linked to just one demographic; Tectum Operations has uncovered secret meetings between corporate business people attempting to sway lucrative contracts in their favour, cheating partners meeting their love interests and even de-bugging/sweeping vehicles for GPS trackers to ensure any unwanted meetings don’t take place!


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