During the pandemic we have been operating well within the government guidelines to ensure the safety of those on the operation and those around us, as an example, we have utilized more vehicles ensuring operatives are not near one and other.  

    This has allowed Tectum Operations to operate to its full capabilities and deliver the results required when working alongside other organizations for both corporate and private clients.  

   The complications of the restrictions have given the private investigation industry a new line of work surrounding COVID Safety, increasingly P. I’s are being utilized throughout the U.K to ensure that loved ones are being cared for and remain safe in these restricted conditions, associates are abiding by the rules and employees are not absconding for a two-week paid ‘staycation’ on the other side of the country.  


Let Tectum Operations find the answers to your burning questions you might have during these difficult times like; 

‘’Did he actually go have a COVID test or meet his lover? It’s the 2nd test this week!’’ 

‘’She’s self-isolating again, but her social media says she’s gone on a forest walk!’’ 

‘’Is my ex-partner keeping the kids safe when he has them this weekend?’’