Counter Surveillance



If you feel that someone around you is eavesdropping, snooping, has bugged your, home, office or has access to your communications please exercise caution.

You apply initial basic counter surveillance measures by: 

  • Contacting us via a cheap prepaid phone aka a burner phone
  • Set up a sterile email account and use that for communication with us
  • Do not call from the room/area you suspect is bugged
  • Do not tell anyone you are contacting Tectum Operations
  • Keep any information you deem sensitive to yourself safe
  • Do not tell anyone if you have suspicions, they may remove the device before our team can move it and complete a sweep

Do you suspect that you are being watched ?


  • Do you think that maybe someone has been following you and you do not know what to do? Counter surveillance is the answer.
  • We will watch over you, identify the people who are following you and provide evidence.





Could your business competitors have you under surveillance?


  • You ever have a feeling that someone is getting the information out of your office before you have adjourned the business meeting?
  • Corporate espionage is a very real threat.
  • We can scan for listening devices or trackers.
  • Our operatives can coach your employees in counter surveillance and how avoid giving away information unintentionally.

For Counter Surveillance please call us on

0800 1120167

and talk to one of our operatives now