Counter Surveillance

If you think that you are being followed, put under surveillance, stalked or having your privacy invaded, then counter surveillance is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the threat.

Counter Surveillance is a collection of advanced techniques which professionals would use to avoid being watched.

Hiring professional help with counter surveillance will keep you and your family safe from harm and keep your business information private. 


Man watches whilst taking photographs with a camera from a car

Why Would Someone Be Following You?

There could be numerous reasons for someone to follow you:

  • Other Private Investigators who have been hired to follow you
  • Stalkers
  • Ex lovers
  • Criminals
  • Business Competitors
  • Political interest groups (PETA, Extinction Rebellion)

How Can You Tell If You’re Being Watched?

Home or Work

  • If you are under physical surveillance they will usually target you at home or at work as you are most likely to spend extended periods of time there. They might try to gain access to these places to plant electronic devices.
  • If you notice that there is evidence that someone has been making repairs or DIY but there does not seem to be a reason why then it could be evidence of someone planting devices.
  • This could be dust or damage to walls and items, or simply that objects have been moved. Has there been a break in but nothing was stolen?
  • One method for planting devices is to install them in normal household or office items such as clocks and then send them as a gift.
  • You will need to watch for drones or vantage points such as overlooking windows in adjacent buildings or parked cars. These will allow someone to keep a watch on your activities as well as view any screens that you are working on. Any business sensitive information will be vulnerable at this point. 


On The Move

  • Have you seen the same person or the same vehicle in multiple locations?
  • A simple anti-surveillance test to confirm hostile surveillance is to change your regular routes which is called a surveillance detection route.
  • This is your regular route with unusual diversions, random stops or to double back on yourself. That will separate a tailing person from someone who happens to walk or drive the same route as you to work.
  • Watch for unusual behaviour such as someone changing their locations or sitting position to keep you in sight.
  • When private investigators install devices on cars they do it in a way that makes it very hard to discover, even during a service or MOT. The best way to find them would be to hire a private investigator to look for them.

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    What Can Counter Surveillance Operatives Do For You?


    Anti Surveillance Training

    Private investigators such as Tectum-PI are the best placed people to advise you on the best ways to avoid surveillance. We know all the techniques and how to avoid them.


    Close Protection & Protective Surveillance

    If you feel under threat or you simply want to know that you are safe then consider hiring protection.

    Close protection will keep you and your family the safest as you will always have someone close at hand to protect you and advise on the safest course of action.

    Protective Surveillance will keep you safe whilst still allowing you to live your life. This would be the most effective way of spotting if someone had you under physical surveillance.

    Sweeping For Electronic Devices

    Electronic Surveillance Devices or bugs are very hard to spot and will be deliberately installed in places where you are unlikely to find them by accident.

    We have experienced surveillance professionals who know where these devices would normally be installed. In addition we have specific equipment for detecting electronic transmissions.


    Home Or Office Security

    Tectum can advise on ways that you can alter your home or office to block lines of sight and prevent covert access.

    This could be simple things such as blinds on windows that can be overlooked or it could be things that you would not have thought of such as how someone could gain access to your house without being observed.


    Background Checks

    We can check your staff or co-workers’ backgrounds for anything suspicious. Faked identities or criminal history will show up here.



      What To Do Now

      • Make yourself harder to find. Wear glasses, hats or coats to obscure your face. Change your clothes during the day, especially if there are any bright colours or distinctive design.
      • Change how you go about your routines such as travelling to work.
      • Do not discuss your location or plans with anyone that you do not fully trust. Do not share anything, even pictures, on social media.
      • Contact Tectum via a cheap prepaid phone aka a burner phone.
      • Set up a sterile email account and use that for communication with us.
      • Do not call from the room/area you suspect is bugged.
      • Do not tell anyone you are contacting Tectum Operations.
      • Keep any information you deem sensitive to yourself.
      • Do not tell anyone if you have suspicions, they may remove the device before our team can move it and complete a sweep.