Counter Surveillance – Op Clean Slate.

Counter Surveillance

The counter surveillance service Tectum Operations offers will not only root out any 3rd parties you may have lurking around you, but it will also allow our team to see how they are following you, and most importantly allow us to prove that you are being followed!

Counter surveillance is different to anti-surveillance as, anti-surveillance you are looking to lose the person you are following through a series of irregular movements, whereas with counter surveillance, we aim to carry out surveillance on the 3rd parties that are taking an interest in you!

The 3rd parties maybe;

  • stalking and harassing you,
  • potential criminals or opportunist thieves,
  • other private surveillance teams hired to carry out surveillance on you,
  • gaining a pattern of life and understanding your movements in preparation for a crime ,

Recently Tectum Operations carried out a counter surveillance operation whereby a nuisance neighbor (The Subject) had forced our client to move to a new house through harassment and intimidation, including following our client and family members to work!

Our client growing increasingly worried The Subject was going to follow him and his family to his new address to carry on with his torture, the client asked for our help. A counter surveillance operation was constructed and the the operation objectives established;

  • ensure the 3-vehicle convoy is not followed to new home address,
  • document and gain imagery of the subject attempting to follow the convoy should The Subject follow the convoy,
  • carry out anti- surveillance as required with primary and secondary pre-planned routes to not allow any 3rd parties the ability to gain information on the new address.

Moving day – Operation Clean Slate

With our client packed and ready to move the decision was made to rendezvous (RV) at location 1, the cargo van was first to set off allowing significant time before x2 vehicles (client and family) to leave.

As soon as the cargo van moved from the clients old property The Subject carried out an aggressive follow on the cargo van, (obviously being the easiest to follow due to distinctive branding and size), at this point The Subject was documented literally running out of his home address and to his vehicle and aggressively driving – unfortunately for The Subject, he soon realized the error of his ways as he was subsequently caught in the open in a secluded section of car park. The Subject, flustered and caught off guard exited the area hastily, once again unfortunately for him, the covert imagery captured the moment of realization that it won’t be that easy for him and he had been rumbled!

As The Subject returned to the home address, the 2 vehicles set on their route to RV with the cargo van, at the RV it is decided that an additional anti-surveillance measure is to take place, ensuring the subject has not returned to follow the convoy. The 3-vehicle convoy worked along a designated route, at each point an evaluation is carried out to calculate the risk of following vehicles.

It is established there are no vehicles following the convoy and a pre-planned route is followed, the client arrived at the new family house safe in the knowledge that they were not followed, and the nuisance neighbor is no more and no vehicles following the client, the operation is deemed a success, furthermore, within 24 hours the client received a legal ready report ready to be passed on to the client’s legal representative regarding the behavior of The Subject!

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