Corporate Investigation & Insurance Surveillance


Insurance Surveillance

  • Suspect and insurance claimant of faking or illness or exaggerating injuries?
  • Do you want to check whether assets being claimed against have really been stolen?
  • Is a subject making a very high value insurance claim and you simply want to perform due diligence?


Tectum Operations operatives will:

  • Covertly Surveil the target over a period of time to find the facts
  • Monitor the targets social media accounts
  • Provide clarity!. Video or photographic evidence of wrongdoing that will stand up in court.

Corporate Investigation

  • Could someone be stealing from you?
  • Stock keep going missing?
  • Do your competitors know your pricing and terms strategies?
  • Are your contractors following NDAs or working for your competition?


Tectum Operations operatives will:

  • Investigate your case
  • Find the facts
  • identify the culprits
  • Provide clarity!. Video or photographic evidence of wrongdoing that will stand up in court.

How To Get In Contact

Phone Us

  • Discuss your case and the appropriate investigation methods
  • Discuss costs and time frame
  • Ask questions

Email Us

  • Discuss your case in detail
  • Ask for opinions on any evidence that you can provide
  • Discuss costs and time frame
  • Ask questions

Send Us A Text

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  • Arrange a call-back or a meeting

Surveillance Methods Available

Video Surveillance

We can use video surveillance to watch any employee or insurance claimant you are suspicious of.

If they do anything incriminating then you will have the evidence.


Asset Tracking

We use advanced software to detect whether your target has made any large purchases recently.


GPS tracking

We can track a targets whereabouts with GPS tracking devices.

You will know if your contractor is making contact with your competition in breach of contract.


All the Tectum Operations Operatives are highly trained in covert surveillance and imagery. The operative assigned to your case will be aiming to gain the essential imagery while remaining covert.


Surveillance isn’t just gaining imagery, Tectum Operations can deploy a team (anywhere in the UK) to follow the employee who might be selling business secrets in a coffee shop, or a partner who is having a secret rendezvous in a hotel in a rural location.