Close Protection & Protective Surveillance

Both Close Protection and Protective Surveillance involve protecting a private client from harm with a security team or individual. The main difference is in how obvious that team is to the public.

Tectum Operations can provide you with both types of security depending on your needs and budget. This can be an individual or a team depending upon the threat risk.

close protection agents wait for their client near a car

Why Choose Close Protection?

In many ways Close Protection is engaging an agent or a team to act as bodyguards on behalf of the client.

The protective escorts are all highly trained and skilled in close protection and are required to maintain an excellent standard of physical conditioning.

The close protection team will accompany the client at all times that are required. It will be obvious to everyone that the client is under protection and this will act as a deterrent to anyone with hostile intentions.

The protection officers will risk assess situations and locations and will advise as to the safest course of action. Our security personnel understand that you will need to perform daily duties or work functions and will facilitate your needs as best they can whilst doing everything in their power to keep you safe.

Counter Surveillance methods will be used and ongoing training will be made available.

The closeness of the protection means that the team can react to hostile situations as quickly as is possible to a genuine threat.

An obvious protection team will also allow the client to feel safe at all times giving peace of mind.

protective surveillance agent in black coat talking in walkie talkie

    Why Choose Protective Surveillance?


    Protective Surveillance services involves a team of surveillance operatives who blend into the surrounding environment and watch over the private client and their families. The agents will disguise themselves as colleagues or staff and will not make themselves know as a bodyguard.

    The major advantage of this technique is that they are discreet. The lives of the client and their families will change as little as possible. They can go about their daily routine knowing that there are professional agents watching over them should the worst happen.

    Another advantage is that the team can often gather better intelligence as the general public do not know that they are security detail and that the area is under surveillance.

    Other methods of surveillance are more easily included such as electronic or background checks. This allows the protective surveillance team to identify potential hazards before they become as issue.

    Locations and transport routes can be checked beforehand.

    If you are being stalked then this method is a major advantage as your stalker will not be aware that you are under protection. This will allow the agent to more easily identify the hostile party.

      Why Choose Tectum Private Investigations?


      Tectum Operations offers the best protection available at the right price.

      All of our agents have excellent training and experience for protective security, usually a military or policing background as well as excellent physical conditioning.

      When you contact Tectum your agent will provide you with an in depth assessment of your security requirements which will be tailored to your needs, the risks and your budget.

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        Who Needs Personal Security?


        Anyone Stalked, Threatened Or Bullied

        Have you had a bad breakup and now you’re worried about your ex?

        Maybe you need to collect belongings from a residence or you need to go to another location and there is a reasonable chance that they will be there.

        Have you been threatened by by someone. Are you being followed or harassed or bullied?

        The question you need to keep at the front of your mind is, could you defend yourself if the person or persons who are harassing you, were to attack.

        Even if you can handle violent situations, could you be sure that you would not be taken by surprise or outnumbered?

        Close Protection or Protective Surveillance would enable you to stay safe while the threat is active. Do not underestimate the importance of feeling safe.


        Persons of High Net Worth or Profile and their Families

        This includes important business men, Politicians, Celebrities. Anyone with high earnings or celebrity can be under threat.

        This can be from people who wish to extort money or favours from them or the threat could come from someone with severe mental illness.

        The higher the profile the more likely the chance of aggression from members of the public.

        Often Close Protection and Protective Surveillance is a must for people and their families in these situations.

        The Process  


        The first step  

        • The consultation will understand what we want and can  
        • achieve, 
        • Any information on the subject is handed over to us for scrutiny, 
        • The current situation is assessed to ensure the clients safety. 


        The second step  

        • The information given to the client is cross referenced to what our experts find, 
        • A chaperone/close protection option is offered, 
        • A private investigator can confirm your date is who they say they are and at the rendezvous if you feel there is a ‘catfish’ at work.  
        • Evidential imagery (where applicable) is gained, 


        The third step 

        • The legal ready report will provide you with our findings, 
        • Calling upon the experience of current and ex-police officers’ advice can be offered,  
        • Advice on anti and counter surveillance for your safety. 

        Get in touch with Tectum Operations to help you date safe!