Background Checks

Background checking is the process of searching public records and investigator databases for information on an individual or a business.

It will shed light on various aspects of their history which can back up or disprove the backstory that they tell. It can also flag potential issues that you were not aware of, such as a criminal record or insolvency.

Professional checks by private investigators will also provide a depth of information and analysis which would not be available through other services.

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Background Checks For New Partners

Checking a new potential partner’s history can be very prudent if you do not know the person very well.

This is even more important if you have met that person online where the opportunity to deceive is much greater.

In reality the risks are low, but you should always take into account how vulnerable you will be with another person and weigh that risk against how much you know about their nature.

Having more peace of mind may be the most important thing of all. Nagging doubts and paranoid thinking could derail a relationship before it has started.

A professional background check is quick, accurate and will not leave a trace. All of the data that you will be given from a background check is the type of information that people would share normally or should be up front about.



Someone posing as a new partner (primarily online) could be phishing, whereby they try to gain access to your finances or personal data. Bear in mind that these scams can take months and scammers will invest a lot of time into it.

These people know exactly how to target people and how to manipulate them.

Always think twice about sending a new partner any money, even if you have met them, and certainly do not give them access to your bank accounts.



Catfishing is the term given to when someone takes the photos and information of someone else and then creates a new personality for themselves online. In the vast majority of cases they will be better looking and more successful although it has been known for catfishes to pretend to be terminally ill patients or people with disabilities.

They then use this false persona to get friends, followers or romantic partners.

The reasoning behind doing this will vary from person to person. Some just want attention or want to live their lives vicariously through an invented character. Others might be using these techniques as a method of revenge or harassment.

It could simply be that they are lying about their profession or age, which is remarkably common.



Some new partners may not be necessarily lying about who they are, but they might be covering up things in their past such as a criminal record and violent or abusive behaviour.

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    Background Checks For Businesses


    Sub Contractors Or Business Partners


    Entering your company into a professional relationship with another business can be both lucrative or seriously damaging.

    A bad association could result in your reputation with your customers being tarnished if they behave in an unprofessional manner or are simply incompetent.

    You could be the victim of theft or sabotage if the company you hire does not vet its own staff.

    A history of criminal activity, bankruptcy or CCJs could be uncovered with a thorough check and more information will give you a better chance of making an informed decision on proceeding.

    Even checking potential client history would be prudent for larger contracts as it will reduce the risk of not being paid or unscrupulous work practices.

    For large purchases it would be prudent to check that the sellers are the actual owners.


    New Employees


    Hiring new staff can be a very involved process but this is due to needing to employ the best staff for the position.

    Being able to verify that the data that a potential employee has given you is true will go a long way to reducing the risk of a bad hire.

    An employer is entitled to know about employment history, education, criminal convictions and even credit history for some types of employment.

    Background checking will be a massive boost with employee on-boarding, ensuring the employee you are hiring is who they say they are.

    Vetting your own staff in such a way will build trust with any potential client of yours and may be helpful with winning contracts where trust and security is important.

      Background Checks For New Nannies


      A nanny is a special type of employee. You are almost more vulnerable to them than you would be a new partner. You will leave your children with them, alone for an extended period of time.

      Again, it is important to say that the risks are very low in reality. However a background check will lesson those risks and might allow you to relax into work or a night out.

      Checking will expose any criminal history or prove that the nanny is the person that they claim to be.