Background Checks

Background Checks for Employee On-Boarding

  • Tectum Operations can aid with employee on-boarding, ensuring the employee you are hiring is who they say they are. Tectum Operations can carry out in-depth background checks to make sure nothing remains hidden or ‘forgotten’ about.
  • This service can be carried out to ensure your employee is not selling business secrets or collaborating with someone they shouldn’t be that can cause a detrimental effect on your business.
  • Request a background check for you new nanny. This service can be carried out to ensure your nanny is not breaking the rules laid down in their contract and they are behaving as they should when looking after your children.

Background Checks for Internet Dating and Anti-Catfish

  • New to internet dating and feel apprehensive someone might not be who they say they are?
  • They might have additional motives to date you? 
  • Catfishing is when someone pretends to be someone else, this is usually discovered on the day both parties meet, however, with Tectum Operations we can carry out in depth checks and surveillance to ensure the person you’ve been talking to on-line is exactly who they are.
  • If you feel at all unsafe then please consider our remote chaperone service

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