Tectum Staff


Tectum Private Investigations is a company based in the Midlands, UK specialising in covert surveillance and evidence gathering.

It provides professional services throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Tectum was founded by Sam Hickery who came to the industry from a military background.

Sam’s experience in the military taught him discipline and determination. These are important skills in a line of work that demands long periods of concentration where the smallest distraction could lose evidence for a client or cause him to be discovered.

Sam maintains the highest levels of integrity and honesty and demands the same of his staff at all times.

Tectum Private Investigations can only exist if their staff are trusted and we know how important this is to our clients.

Discretion is guaranteed and steps will always be taken to ensure that our operations and communications are kept secret.


  • All staff have been background checked.
  • Staff have a background in either the military, police or security and a minimum of 3 years industry experience in investigations is required.
  • All staff have extensive training and qualifications in covert surveillance.
  • ICO registered – ZA787236.
  • WAPI registered.
  • Insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Tectum Tech


Tectum’s founder also has a background in Engineering. Due to this he can ensure that Tectum offers the highest level of technical expertise and assets.


  • The industry leading technology that Tectum can deploy sets them apart from rivals.
  • Where others use long range cameras, Tectum can deploy video recording drones.
  • Where others rely on just interviews and questioning, Tectum has top level polygraph testing.
  • Tectum’s cameras and recording devices are the best on the market to deliver the most professional service to our customers.

Tectum – Greek – Noun

The tectum is the dorsal side of the midbrain. It is involved in certain reflexes in response to visual or auditory stimuli.

Sam Hickery

Sam Hickery is the founder of Tectum-PI. He has a comprehensive background of training and experience in covert surveillance gained from working for another major UK Private Investigator before deciding to create his own company. Sam holds an NVQ level 3 in Covert Surveillance from the Schools for Justice. Sam holds an NVQ level 3 in Aeronautical Engineering - Avionics from City and Guilds.