Tectum Operations is in the final stages of introducing a new in-house capability; polygraph testing, or commonly know as, the lie detector test. The test we will be using offers a 99% accuracy within 90 minutes making it one of the fastest and accurate tests for high accuracy results!

The lie detector test (arguably) was made famous in the UK by the Jeremy Kyle Show on daytime TV, whereby the host asks a feuding family member the whereabouts of missing belongings or questionable behavior believing their partner is having an affair. This saw the lie detector go from a tool for routing out double agents and spies, becoming more for finding cheating partners and individuals with sticky fingers; cementing it’s reputation and name as a household option it find answers on a commercial and private basis.

The test we will soon be offering will not only be the traditional test covering the standard areas.

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing and control of breathing
  • Temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Perspiration

…. But we will have an advanced testing method with is including a facial bio-metric scanning to measure,

  • Face directional movements (i.e. looking away)
  • Eye tracking
  • Lip movements (e.g. Smile, open mouth, puckering)
  • Puffing out of cheeks
  • Tongue movements
  • Individual brow movement tracking
  • Opening and closing of eyes

Additionally, to all the above our software cross references the heart rate to face reddening so we can even see if it is ‘written all over your face’.

As you can see the test is very through and as a result it reduces the test time down from a usual minimum 2 hours to just 90 mins as a maximum!

Send us a message and we can let you know when the service becomes available.

‘’Fact finding and clarity’’