Private Investigators

England, Scotland & Wales


Fact Finding:

We deliver facts, not conjecture. 



We deliver irrefutable evidence that will stand up in court.

Polygraph Testing

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Lying?

Tectum offers professional private investigation services with advanced polygraph testing equipment and experienced investigators.

We can come to the location of your choosing and test subjects under rigorous conditions. With a Tectum polygraph expert we should be able to achieve an accuracy rate of between 90%-99% for questioning.


Matrimonial Surveillance


  • Want to know what your partner is doing when you are not there?
  • Do you suspect a partner of cheating?
  • Are you children safe with your ex’s new partner?



Corporate & Insurance Investigation


  • Do you competitors know your pricing and terms strategies?
  • Could someone be stealing from you?
  • Suspect someone of faking an injury or illness?
  • Are your contractors following NDAs or working for your competition?

Counter Surveillance


  • Do you suspect that you are under surveillance?
  • Could your business competitors be tracking you?
  • We can scan for listening devices or trackers.
  • We can catch people who are following you.

Background Check


  • Safe Dating?
  • New employee or contractor?
  • Do you want to know if someone has recently purchased new assets?

Find Someone


  • Has someone stolen from you? 
  • Absconding father of your child?
  • We can find them

Close Protection & Protective Surveillance


  • Have you arranged to collect belongings but are afraid that your ex might be there?
  • Do you feel like someone is following you?
  • How can you protect yourself from a stalker.


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“Saved my marriage”


Google Reviews

After a few weeks of hard work we had the report and everything ready to go to court!

It wasn’t easy to get the evidence, but it was certainly worth it!

Harrison Shaw

Google Reviews

Highly professional and amazing attention to detail.


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  • Discuss costs and time frame
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  • Discuss your case in detail
  • Ask for opinions on any evidence that you can provide
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Worried that your partner is cheating but you're not sure what to think?

We offer an online test which will walk you through rational thought processes to help you understand whether your suspicions are grounded in reality.

Tectum Operations offers private investigations throughout England, Scotland & Wales


We stay hidden


We never let our target know that we are private investigators.

It is vitally important that our subjects do not know that they are being tracked.


We use the latest tech


We utilize the latest technology to surveil our subjects.

  • Drone video surveillance
  • Covert GPS trackers
  • Background check software

We are discreet


We know that the subjects we investigate need to remain secret.

Our operatives are trained to avoid data breaches. 


We are ethical


Our investigations will always be lawful.

We will always be truthful with you. Even if it hurts.

We will never allow ourselves to be compromised.

Translation Options

Tectum Operations has the luxury of an in-house translation service covering;

  • Russian
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish

This service is free and available on any operation you take out with Tectum Operations.


WAPI Accredited

World Association of Private Investigators